“My mission is to help other people understand their dog and to make their life as ‘Pawsome’ as possible!”




Do you want to walk in the door without your dog jumping all over you?
Do you want to walk to the park with your dog – instead of them walking you?
Are you worried if you let them off-lead they’ll never come back?
Maybe you just want to do the best for your new puppy?

Having a healthy and happy pup is the best feeling ever. That bond between a happy dog and happy human is a bond like no other. Getting it right isn’t always easy though, and many challenges can stand in the way of true dog and human bliss.


Many of the ‘problems’ we might associate with a dog are usually sorted with some strategy or training… but it’s not all about the pooch! You, the owner may also need some help. Don’t worry, we all need a bit of training!


Simply looking at the dog and complaining that they don’t sit, eat nicely, or even that they won’t stop barking, often leads to no resolve for either of you. The way I approach the training is very different. I don’t suggest you use pet correctors or shock collars and I never suggest shouting at, scaring or dominating your dog.


I’m not out to turn you into a dog controller – I want you to be a dog partner. 

Some of My Happy Clients

Happy Client Pawsitively Pawsome
Happy Client Pawsitively Pawsome
Happy Client Pawsitively Pawsome
Happy Client Pawsitively Pawsome
Happy Client Pawsitively Pawsome
Happy Client Pawsitively Pawsome
Happy Client Pawsitively Pawsome
Happy Client Pawsitively Pawsome


You don’t trust their recall when you’re out walking | They jump up at everyone | They pull on the lead | They don’t settle when you’re out

All of those (and more) are very common and the ‘fixes’ you may find online or from fellow dog owners may be well-intended. But I find it’s the bond, relationship, communication, and connection between both you and your dog that needs work. Your dog and you are individuals and my training is tailored to that.

The aim of any work I do is a happy dog. Don’t get me wrong; you’ll be happy too, but it starts with your dog. This isn’t an overnight fix and it’s not an aggressive style of training either.

I’m not a ‘once and you’re done’ option either. If you’re serious about seeing improvements you’ll want to commit to working together to see a positive trans-fur-mation.

Let’s have a chat to see if I can help you and your dog live a happy and healthier life together.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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“My mission is to help people understand their dog and to make their life as ‘Pawsome’ as possible!”

“Hannah has been great with our lovely northern Inuit Luther. She been teaching us loads of new techniques to manage his enthusiasm and get us to bond with him even more. Our walks are a lot more fun after following her training. She’s ever so calm and understanding. Our sessions have been brilliant and we look forward to carrying on with our training with her” MARIAN PUEYO
“After getting a puppy we decided to invest in some training to help us get some basic commands under our belt & to build on. Just 3 sessions in, it’s been amazing to see our little Dexter sitting and doing recall on command and with distractions. The hints & tips that Hannah gives us are fabulous and wonderful to see working, thanks Hannah”ANGE BUNN
“I can’t recommend Hannah enough. Nana is my first dog and she’s been helping us with our fairly unreliable recall. By working with Hannah I have gained a much better understanding of how to teach things to my dog and when to reward her. Nana loves our one to one training sessions with Hannah and in only three sessions has learnt so much. She’s enjoying our walks so much more now because they are much more fun and we play games. Five stars!”SIMONE LOCKEY
“Hannah was (and is!) absolutely fantastic since the first day! I have struggled with my first dog to establish a good recall and when I got another puppy I knew this was one of the priorities to work on. Now little snickers comes running even when recalled away from play with other dogs! I’m so happy with the service Hannah provides, and she really listens to individual needs and what you want to achieve. Looking forward to working with her more in the future and learn lots more with Snickers. Definitely recommend 100%, thank you Hannah!” PAULINA WEBER
“Hannah worked with our Golden Labrador Max from when he was 10 weeks. She tailored all our weekly sessions to suit our requirements to ensure that Max had some solid foundations of good behaviour and confidence which helped us as owners enjoy Max through his early months. Max loved working with Hannah who made all her sessions fun but effective. My husband and I enjoyed the sessions too and felt able to discuss any issues or worries we had with Max with Hannah. He’s now 9 months and we’ve relocated to Devon but are still using the tools and techniques Hannah showed us and Max is still responding well! Thank you Hannah for everything you did! We can’t recommend you highly enough”AMANDA WELLS

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We are currently offering socially distanced training sessions that comply with Government guidelines to offer you safe sessions. If restrictions change or you prefer we also offer video training calls. Please contact us for more information.