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Do you want to walk in the door without your dog jumping all over you?

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Do you want to walk to the park with your dog – instead of them walking you?

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Are you worried if you let them off-lead they’ll never come back?

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Maybe you just want to do the best for your new puppy?

I can help you!

Having a healthy and happy pup is the best feeling ever. That bond between a happy dog and happy human is a bond like no other.

Getting it right isn’t always easy though, and many challenges can stand in the way of true dog and human bliss.

Many of the ‘problems’ we might associate with a dog are usually sorted with some strategy or training… but it’s not all about the pooch! You, the owner may also need some help. Don’t worry, we all need a bit of training!

Simply looking at the dog and complaining that they don’t sit, eat nicely, or even that they won’t stop barking, often leads to no resolve for either of you.

The way I approach the training is very different. I don’t suggest you use pet correctors or shock collars and I never suggest shouting at, scaring or dominating your dog.

I’m not out to turn you into a dog controller – I want you to be a dog partner. 

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Some of the common reasons your dog may need training are:

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You don’t trust their recall when you’re out walking

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They jump up at everyone

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They pull on the lead

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They don’t settle when you’re out

Working with Hannah

There are alternative cheaper dog professionals out there.

However when you work with Pawsitively Pawsome Pups I am constantly working hard to update my knowledge and keep up to date with courses.

I provide a specialist bespoke service where you get premium one to one support.

Changing behaviour and training your dog takes time. I do not offer one off sessions as training and behaviour takes time and commitment. I find this way of working gives the best results and allows us to offer the greatest help to you and your dog.

All of the above behaviours are very common and the ‘fixes’ you may find online or from fellow dog owners may be well-intended. But I find it’s the bond, relationship, communication, and connection between both you and your dog that needs work. Your dog and you are individuals and my training is tailored to that.

The aim of any work I do is a happy dog. Don’t get me wrong; you’ll be happy too, but it starts with your dog. This isn’t an overnight fix and it’s not an aggressive style of training either.

I’m not a ‘once and you’re done’ option either. If you’re serious about seeing improvements you’ll want to commit to working together to see a positive trans-fur-mation.

Let’s have a chat to see if I can help you and your dog live a happy and healthier life together.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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Happy Clients

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“Just had a great training session with Hannah today.

Learning how to distract Abbie from other dogs and water as she loves going for a swim.

I can’t recommend Hannah enough, she is calm and clear with all instructions. I think the most impressive thing was the training with the vacuum cleaner.

Eight years we have had a problem and Hannah sorted it out first go.

Very impressed.

Each session has been in depth with clear explanations of why Abbie is acting the way she does.”

What do you need help with today?


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Ready to help your pups become pawesome?

I’m always happy to chat about your dog and situation.

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