Are you a Spaniel or Spaniel mix owner who is struggling to control your crazy canine?

Do you wish you knew the secret to calming your Spaniel down?

Are your daily walks ruined, and do you look enviously at other dog owners whilst your Spaniel embarrasses you dragging you around the park chasing birds?

Are you looking for a deeper understanding of your Spaniel or Spaniel mix so that you can live peacefully together and stop feeling frustrated in the evening when you just want to chill out, and they are doing zoomies around the living room?

Having a Spaniel or Spaniel mix can be bloody hard work, I’ve been there, I know this!

Before I became a dog trainer I spent countless hours scrolling on google trying to find the right advice for my Spaniel problems.

When I brought home my 8 week old fur ball of joy Kobie I faced a lot of challenges. Running on reduced sleep, lots of coffee, wine!, high stress and trying to figure out how to help him calm down I felt overwhelmed with all the different information out there.

There were no consistent answers, just too much information and no Spaniel specific help.

hannah antrobus the spaniel inner circle

But I turned my challenge into a dream and used my degree in Psychology to help me understand him, this led to me reading more, and working with local trainers and behaviourists and becoming a professional dog trainer and behaiour advisor in 2017.

Fast forward to today and not only am I a mum to two crazy Spaniels (I must be mad!) but I’ve completed countless courses and worked with hundreds of different cases, from all breeds but especially Spaniel breeds.

I have helped hundreds of Spaniel and Spaniel mix owners across the world and in the UK live happily with their Spaniels and find solutions to their frustrations.

I’ve even been dubbed ‘the Spaniel Guru’ by my clients because of my unique Spaniel specific training systems that fix and prevent problems.

Since the pandemic hit in 2019 I’ve been helping Spaniels owners all around the world to fix their Spaniel problems from London, to Switzerland, from Devon to Australia and many other places in between!

However my schedule is completely booked up with 121 clients, and my waiting list is at maximum capacity, but I want to be able to reach and help Spaniel and Spaniel mix owners and share my knowledge to help people on their training journeys.

That’s why I have created the “Spaniel owners inner circle” so I can share my Spaniel secrets and help more struggling Spaniel owners.

This unique online training experience is for you if:

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You’re pulling your hair out struggling to find a trainer who really understands Spaniels and want immediate help to fix these problems so you can have an easier life

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You’re inexperienced, clueless and don’t know the first thing about how to raise your Spaniel

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You look at your Spaniel and wonder what on earth is going on in their head, you want to truly understand your Spaniel and not feel frustrated so that you can build your connection and bond

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You’re a new Spaniel pet parent, due to bring home a Spaniel or Spaniel mix breed and you want to make sure you have the knowledge to raise your puppy in the best way possible to enable you to have a strong relationship from the start and to do the necessary training to avoid problems from arising as your pup grows up
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It can be daunting and frustrating at various points of being a Spaniel parent, and you don’t want to be alone on this journey.

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You want to keep up to date with the latest training, advice, as well as bonding games and continue to benefit from the expert guidance of an expert after training with me or another trainer

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You’re nervous about whether you’re doing home training ‘right’ and feel frustrated with your progress, you want to make sure that you aren’t using contradictory methods or getting confused by the advice and you want to pair your home training with advice from a supportive Spaniel expert
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Every time you research ‘Spaniel’ on google you feel overwhelmed, exhausted and frustrated so you want access to an expert who can break it all down and provide you with the simplest, easiest advice that works!
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Other dog breed owners don’t understand or seem to have the same dog training issues as you, they haven’t felt your embarrassment on walks with an over pulling or alert Spaniel.

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You want to feel part of a Spaniel family connecting with Spaniel owners across the UK and world wide, where your dog training dilemmas are understood, and where you can find out how other Spaniel owners live with their beloved dogs, as well as the guidance of a trainer who not only trains Spaniels but knows all too well about embarrassing Spaniel behaviour from raising two Cocker Spaniels
membership for dog training your crazy spaniel
award winning dog trainer hannah antrobus membership
dog training support for spaniel breed with specialist

In the first of its kind membership you will have access to:

One monthly spaniel specific masterclass led by on a Spaniel specific topic including things like

How the hell do you recall away from those bloody birds, how to prevent resource guarding from developing, how to raise your Spaniel puppy right from the beginning and much more.

A community group

and forum where you can connect to other Spaniel parents.

A range of guest special appearances on Spaniel topics

from dog trainers to behaviourists and more.


Access to my spaniel secrets

where you can ask me questions and get answers quickly.

Members will get priority access

to events and in-person meetups.

You will also get discounts

to businesses that I can assure you your spaniel will love.

Apart from being a private client of mine, this is the only way to get my personal help to fix your Spaniel issues and my diary is full till 2022.

To be the first to hear about when the one of a kind membership opens and to learn my secrets of how to have an amazing life with your Spaniel sign up here:

Want to learn how the hell to calm your Spaniel down?

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Here’s what my Spaniel clients are saying about working with me…

Penny the cocker spaniel has just completed an online puppy course with Hannah.

The weekly sessions were on zoom along with 5 other puppies. We learnt so many great training exercises which builds a great foundation for them for recall, distraction and more. Hannah also arranged zoom sessions with a groomer and a vet which were so informative.

We definitely recommend Hannah for her wonderful approach to positive training!

Karen with Cocker Spaniel Penny

Before we started training with Hannah, Blake would be all over the place chasing or looking for birds, planes, paragliders (basically anything that flies).
In Switzerland Working Cockers are not known and no one was able to help me.

Hannah really understands spaniels and knew just how to help Blake and me.

Working over zoom/ whats app with Hannah is great, no disadvantages at all. She also shows some exercises with her own dogs to make it all clear!

Now we can enjoy our walks and his recall has improved a lot!

Chantal, owner of Blake, Switzerland

We recently completed the online puppy course with Hannah for our Cockapoo Winnie.

We found it really useful, even via zoom. We always knew in advance what we would be covering but it was equally fluid to cover things that came up during the sessions.

There were 6 puppies on the course. Post session we were emailed personalised notes with things to work on for the coming week.

We learned a lot and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Hannah who was welcoming, informative and easy to chat to.

Looking forward to continuing Winnie’s training on a 1-1 basis soon.

Sarah, Cockapoo, Winnie

Our Cavapoo Poppy has just completed 6 months of training sessions with Hannah and we couldn’t be happier about the progress she has made!

We got Poppy just before the first COVID lockdown in March 2020 and as a result we were not able to attend any puppy training classes in her first 6 months or socialise her fully with other people and dogs so we really needed some help!

Poppy absolutely loved Hannah from the word go, and thanks to her guidance and patience we feel like we now understand our dog a lot better and have the knowledge and tools to continue developing her skills and behaviour ourselves. We’re so grateful to have found Hannah and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.

Thank you Hannah for everything

Jo, Cavapoo Poppy

We have just finished 7 months of training sessions with Hannah and our Sprocker spaniel, Islay, and cannot recommend her highly enough.

We had originally planned to go to puppy classes, but lockdown meant that was not possible, and as Islay went from sweet puppy to bitey little sprockerdile we realised we needed some more specialist help!

We found Hannah online, and with her specialism in Spaniels, were really keen to work with her. We booked a video consultation and it was the best decision we could have made.
Islay is a very busy, working spaniel and Hannah was able to tailor our training sessions to work on calmness, and engagement with us, rather than the dog, bird or squirrel on the other side of the park.

During lockdown, we had quite a few training sessions over videocall which worked really well, and we were able to build up the foundation skills at home, such as boundaries and self-control, which have really set us up for success when we go out on walks. In hindsight we see that going to training classes in a room with 10 other excitable puppies was that last thing our spaniel would have needed!

The service Hannah offers is truly excellent – she goes above and beyond with the support and advice she offers. It does require a financial and time commitment, over months, not weeks, but the results are 100% worth it. Islay is now a year old, and we’ve been able to achieve a level of recall and engagement that is better than we ever dared hope for.

As much as training Islay, Hannah has trained us in how to work with Islay and given us the confidence and knowledge to enjoy off-lead walks without worry.

Phil, Sprocker Islay

We have been working with Hannah since March this year and have seen amazing improvements in our pup. Arla had always been shy and a little bit frightened of the world.

She wasn’t a big fan of some big noises and shopping trolleys, prams and suitcases scared her silly. She wasn’t sure about cars or other dogs and sometimes barked and lunged to scare these terrors away. But not any longer. Through lots of different confidence boosting games, marking positive behaviours and fun with other dogs, she is now much happier, much braver and much less stressed.

Hannah has taught us how to read Arla’s body language and we’ve now got a whole suitcase of tricks and tips to use if we get in a position where Arla might be a little bit worried.

We’re still on a journey and sure we still have some hiccups, but Hannah is always there to help and support us without judging, celebrate our wins, laugh at us walking around a car park with a shopping trolley and answer our questions no matter how silly they may be.

We’re super grateful for all of her advice and Arla’s super grateful for all of her sausages.

Sally, Arla

Thank you so much, Hannah, all your advice helped us achieve what we thought was impossible task. We can now walk all our 5 cocker spaniels at same time (age 4, 3, sisters 18 months and 21 weeks old pup).

Hannah gave as the most up to date, positive and kind advice to suit our needs, she had put together amazing program tailored exactly for us, she always encouraged us and reminded us that even small achievement is an achievement and that it is ok to have a bad day.

As a breeder of this wonderful dogs I often reach out to her to update my knowledge on behaviour and best ways to socialise my litters to give them best start in life.

Although we are not local to each other, technology is amazing and every meeting is just like having her right there, always following up with notes and helpful information after and never too long to answer any questions, via emails/messages, when they arise.

Jana, who has 5 Spaniels, and is also a wonderful breeder of them.

Within a month of working with Hannah we’d seen such great improvements with Maple, our cocker spaniel – progress we could never have imagined in such a short space of time! Hannah is so friendly, supportive and completely non-judgemental and what she says makes complete sense!

We chose her to help us during lockdown as she was so flexible in delivering her sessions over FaceTime and we felt we needed the specialist spaniel help she offers!

We are now about 4 months in and Maple continues to develop such lovely and strong behaviours – the time and effort to work on what Hannah teaches is so worth it teaching long lasting behaviours over commands is having such a positive outcome for both us and Maple!

Her recall is brilliant, she’s getting better and better at loose lead walks and she’s generally a much more settled dog! We love our sessions with Hannah and can’t wait to see what we can achieve for Maple!

Zoe, Cocker Spaniel Maple

We finished working with Hannah a month or so ago, and Albie is like a new dog.

We reached out to her in November last year as we were struggling with the little bulldozer of energy that was our working cocker spaniel. He didn’t ever seem to switch off, and to say he was a “handful” would be the understatement of the year!

We had previously attended puppy and kennel club classes, but they made us feel silly and embarrassed. Albie is a super smart dog, but put in a small space with other dogs, their owners and lots of new noises and smells, well his arousal went through the roof – 9 times out 10 it was game over and all his focus had been lost before the class had begun, some people thought it was funny, others looked at us like “why are you here” which was heartbreaking.

So when we were recommended Hannah by some friends, we didn’t hesitate to contact her. Her knowledge of spaniels has been invaluable to us, she immediately knew how she could help and what changes needed to be made.

She teaches using bitesize games and techniques that you can fit into your daily routine, and the best thing of all is that Albie loves everything she has taught him.
Albie can now stay cool, calm and collected in new situations, he no longer throws himself over any visitors, he can walk well on a lead and his recall is better than we ever thought possible. He’s never going to be “perfect”, and we wouldn’t want him to be – but to us he is everything we wanted and more when we decided to get a spaniel.

We can’t thank Hannah enough for everything she has done for us, and would recommend her to anyone looking for some help training their dog.

Emma, Albie

Would you benefit from transforming your dog like Emma has with Albie?

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spaniel dog training membership and support with guru hannah antrobus

The membership will give you the tools to help ensure that your puppy or dog becomes a sociable and manageable member of the family, a dog who you enjoy walking instead of feeling stressed and frustrated from the constant mindless lead pulling of your pup.

I will guide you with my expert knowledge to develop a deeper understanding of your Spaniels needs, including how best to play games that will bond and strengthen your relationship.

All you need to join is access to a device such as a computer, tablet or mobile phone to join the membership and watch the live sessions.

Joining the membership is the first step to developing the unbreakable bond with your dog that you always wanted. Spaniels are difficult to understand and without the help of an expert you risk creating bad habits for your dog, teaching them unwanted behaviour and increasing your blood pressure! Let’s be honest, we all need help teaching our Spaniels to chill!

For just the price of one coffee per week you can have the Spaniel that you always dreamed of.

I’m confident that when you join the Ultimate Spaniel Membership you will feel like finally someone understands you and your dog, and if you realise that it’s not for you, there’s no pressure to stay that’s why I offer a 30 day money back guarantee.