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Kind words from Happy Clients!

Our Cavapoo Poppy has just completed 6 months of training sessions with Hannah and we couldn’t be happier about the progress she has made!

We got Poppy just before the first COVID lockdown in March 2020 and as a result we were not able to attend any puppy training classes in her first 6 months or socialise her fully with other people and dogs so we really needed some help!

Poppy absolutely loved Hannah from the word go, and thanks to her guidance and patience we feel like we now understand our dog a lot better and have the knowledge and tools to continue developing her skills and behaviour ourselves.

We’re so grateful to have found Hannah and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her. Thank you Hannah for everything xx

Cavapoo owner Jo & Poppy

We have just finished 7 months of training sessions with Hannah and our Sprocker spaniel, Islay, and cannot recommend her highly enough.

We had originally planned to go to puppy classes, but lockdown meant that was not possible, and as Islay went from sweet puppy to bitey little sprockerdile we realised we needed some more specialist help!

We found Hannah online, and with her specialism in Spaniels, were really keen to work with her.

We booked a video consultation and it was the best decision we could have made.
Islay is a very busy, working spaniel and Hannah was able to tailor our training sessions to work on calmness, and engagement with us, rather than the dog, bird or squirrel on the other side of the park.

During lockdown, we had quite a few training sessions over videocall which worked really well, and we were able to build up the foundation skills at home, such as boundaries and self-control, which have really set us up for success when we go out on walks. In hindsight we see that going to training classes in a room with 10 other excitable puppies was that last thing our spaniel would have needed!

The service Hannah offers is truly excellent – she goes above and beyond with the support and advice she offers.

It does require a financial and time commitment, over months, not weeks, but the results are 100% worth it.

Islay is now a year old, and we’ve been able to achieve a level of recall and engagement that is better than we ever dared hope for.

As much as training Islay, Hannah has trained us in how to work with Islay and given us the confidence and knowledge to enjoy off-lead walks without worry.

Sprocker spaniel owner Phil & Islay

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We have been working with Hannah since March this year and have seen amazing improvements in our pup.

Arla had always been shy and a little bit frightened of the world. She wasn’t a big fan of some big noises and shopping trolleys, prams and suitcases scared her silly.

She wasn’t sure about cars or other dogs and sometimes barked and lunged to scare these terrors away. But not any longer.

Through lots of different confidence boosting games, marking positive behaviours and fun with other dogs, she is now much happier, much braver and much less stressed.

Hannah has taught us how to read Arla’s body language and we’ve now got a whole suitcase of tricks and tips to use if we get in a position where Arla might be a little bit worried.

We’re still on a journey and sure we still have some hiccups, but Hannah is always there to help and support us without judging, celebrate our wins, laugh at us walking around a car park with a shopping trolley and answer our questions no matter how silly they may be.

We’re super grateful for all of her advice and Arla’s super grateful for all of her sausages.

Sally Edwards & Arla

When our little golden retriever was showing signs of resource guarding at a really young age, we wanted to find a trainer with the right skills and expertise to help us before things got worse.

His behaviour is genetic so it was a tricky one to deal with, particularly as his favourite objects were random bits of plastic or paper thrown onto the streets!

Hannah has been amazing at helping us to put in place so many preventative and management techniques, which means our boy is so much happier with sharing his favourite finds.
He’s also Mr Sociable with all the other dogs, and Hannah has also helped massively with him realising we’re just as fun, and that he doesn’t need to say hello to every single dog 🙂.

She’s also taught us that it’s okay to find adolescence tough and is so understanding of our struggles, without any judgment.

Above all else we’ve learned so many positive things from Hannah which has helped our relationship with Bertie today, and will do for years to come.

The whole process has been very rewarding, and we’d definitely recommend Hannah to anyone looking for modern and positive training!

Imogen Eleanor Holmes & Bertie

Thank you so much, Hannah, all your advice helped us achieve what we thought was impossible task.

We can now walk all our 5 cocker spaniels at same time (age 4, 3, sisters 18 months and 21 weeks old pup). Hannah gave as the most up to date, positive and kind advice to suit our needs, she had put together amazing program tailored exactly for us, she always encouraged us and reminded us that even small achievement is an achievement and that it is ok to have a bad day.

As a breeder of this wonderful dogs I often reach out to her to update my knowledge on behaviour and best ways to socialise my litters to give them best start in life.

Although we are not local to each other, technology is amazing and every meeting is just like having her right there, always following up with notes and helpful information after and never too long to answer any questions, via emails/messages, when they arise.

Jana, Gabi, Freya, Joules, Rosie & Rue

When we started working with Hannah, we were first time dog owners who hadn’t got a clue.

She gave us the tools to figure out recall, sit, and toilet training when we really had no idea what we were doing. Her methods are calm and patient- both with Loxley (our pup) and with us!

Would highly recommend.

Sarah Allen & Loxely

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Hannah is an excellent trainer, very encouraging, patient and really understands Spaniels. We did a remote training session over FaceTime yesterday and it worked really well.

She was able to see what Finley was doing, offer suggestions and support and we could talk through how to take his training forward whilst we’re in lockdown. It worked really well and is highly recommend. Thanks Hannah

Amy Fiddy & Finley

Our pup, Red, was very nervous; afraid of people, cars, other dogs, and being first time dog owners we were very concerned with how to manage/improve the situation.

I got in touch with Hannah, and after an initial chat, we had a consultation and booked in for the first months work.

We spent two months working with Hannah, and it’s been fantastic. She is knowledgable, patient, professional and friendly. Red is like a different dog, Hannah’s behavioural programmes and training exercises worked brilliantly.

Red is now a confident, happy pup, excited to meet new people and play with other dogs, and working well on his obedience skills and loose lead walking.

We still have some work to do, but thanks to Hannah’s expertise and support, we’re ready to work and feel comfortable progressing with Red.

Very happy parents!! We all highly recommend

Mary Elizabeth & Red

I can’t recommend Hannah enough.

She has helped to change the dynamics in our household and improve Vivis life. If you have a nervous dog and need support Hannah is the person you need.

Thank you Hannah from the bottom of our heart for everything you have done for Vivi and us.

Ewa Field & Vivi

Hannah is amazing!

Chester can’t cope being alone and Hannah has taught us so many amazing positive ways to help Chester feel more confident being alone.

It’s not a quick thing to teach but it really works and he’s becoming more confident each week!

Thank you!!

Joanne Poland & Chester

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It has been around 7 months since we found Hannah….. and what a find she was!

Our then 10month old cocker spaniel brothers were, i thought, naughty and out of control, and we had started to question our abilities as dog owners.

After meeting with Hannah she explained to us that the behaviour our boys were displaying was actually due to fear and anxiety, especially around other dogs.

She helped us to identify the cause of their ‘trauma’ and explained the methods and lifestyle changes we needed to introduce to help our babies be happier.

7 months ago Buddy would completely lose his mind at the sight of a dog more than 2 football pitches away……. now he walks around the park off his lead paying very little attention to dogs just feet away!!!

We have so many more challenges to overcome but thanks to Hannah we have already achieved so much.

I feel like she has fixed parts of us that were broken and given us the confidence as owners that i never thought we would have.

Helen Gobsill, Archie Buddy

Hannah worked with our Golden Labrador Max from when he was 10 weeks.

She tailored all our weekly sessions to suit our requirements to ensure that Max had some solid foundations of good behaviour and confidence which helped us as owners enjoy Max through his early months.

Max loved working with Hannah who made all her sessions fun but effective. My husband and I enjoyed the sessions too and felt able to discuss any issues or worries we had with Max with Hannah.

He’s now 9 months and we’ve relocated to Devon but are still using the tools and techniques Hannah showed us and Max is still responding well!

Thank you Hannah for everything you did!

We can’t recommend you highly enough

Amanda Wells & Max

Hannah has been great with our lovely northern Inuit Luther.

She been teaching us loads of new techniques to manage his enthusiasm and get us to bond with him even more.

Our walks are a lot more fun after following her training. She’s ever so calm and understanding.

Our sessions have been brilliant and we look forward to carrying on with our training with her.

Marion Pueyo & Luther

I can’t recommend Hannah enough.

Nana is my first dog and she’s been helping us with our fairly unreliable recall.

By working with Hannah I have gained a much better understanding of how to teach things to my dog and when to reward her. Nana loves our one to one training sessions with Hannah and in only three sessions has learnt so much.

She’s enjoying our walks so much more now because they are much more fun and we play games. Five stars!

Simone Lockey & Nana

Hannah was (and is!) absolutely fantastic since the first day!

I have struggled with my first dog to establish a good recall and when I got another puppy I knew this was one of the priorities to work on. Now little snickers comes running even when recalled away from play with other dogs!

I’m so happy with the service Hannah provides, and she really listens to individual needs and what you want to achieve.

Looking forward to working with her more in the future and learn lots more with Snickers. Definitely recommend 100%, thank you Hannah!” 

Paulina Weber & Snickers

After getting a puppy we decided to invest in some training to help us get some basic commands under our belt & to build on.

Just 3 sessions in, it’s been amazing to see our little Dexter sitting and doing recall on command and with distractions.

The hints & tips that Hannah gives us are fabulous and wonderful to see working, thanks Hannah.

Ange Bunn & Dexter

“Within a month of working with Hannah we’d seen such great improvements with Maple, our cocker spaniel – progress we could never have imagined in such a short space of time!

Hannah is so friendly, supportive and completely non-judgemental and what she says makes complete sense! We chose her to help us during lockdown as she was so flexible in delivering her sessions over FaceTime and we felt we needed the specialist spaniel help she offers!

We are now about 4 months in and Maple continues to develop such lovely and strong behaviours – the time and effort to work on what Hannah teaches is so worth it teaching long lasting behaviours over commands is having such a positive outcome for both us and Maple!

Her recall is brilliant, she’s getting better and better at loose lead walks and she’s generally a much more settled dog! We love our sessions with Hannah and can’t wait to see what we can achieve for Maple!”

Zoe Clarke & Maple

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