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I was invited on to BBC CWR radio to talk about my recent National Prestige award win.

We chatted about the award, puppies and how I specialise in Spaniels but work with all breeds!

I also offered Rich some advice on his new Labrador puppy who likes to steal gloves… sound familiar?

If you’re curious to find out more about how I work you can listen here timestamp 8:40am

award winner Hannah Antrobus founded Pawsitively Pawsome Pups in 2017
Leamington Courier

I was featured in the Leamington Courier after my award win from internationally recognised Prestige Awards who named me Best in Online Pet Training services.


Hannah presents for the British Veterinary Nursing Association on how we can decrease stress for puppies in practice.

BBC CWR talking to Vic
BBC CWR Breakfast 

Time stamp 7:29

Hannah was asked to share her dog training advice again on Phil Upton’s breakfast show on BBC Radio Coventry and Warwickshire, this time talking about how to keep your dog safe when walking around livestock.

She also had a go at playing the show’s game ‘Snake Escape’…

BBC CWR talking to Vic Minett
BBC CWR Breakfast 

Time stamp 2:12:00

Hannah is featured on BBC CWR talking to Vic Minett about Pawsitively Pawsome, sharing her insights as ‘The Spaniel Guru’ and discussing what inspired her to become a dog trainer and niche into spaniels.

She also had a go at playing the show’s game ‘Snake Escape’…

BBC CWR Breakfast
BBC CWR Breakfast 

Timestamp 7:27am and 8:55am to the BBC CWR

Hannah talks about the importance of training and use of online training through the pandemic. After the RSPCA reported over 1000 dogs being abandoned she’s urging dog and puppy owners to try online dog training to help them and their dogs live happier together.

Poodle to Pitbull podcast
Poodle to Pitbull Podcast

Hannah spoke to Dom Hodgson about how her dog Kobie inspired her to becoming a dog trainer, and how she successfully trains dogs online

Leamington Courier
The Leamington Courier

Hannah is featured in The Leamington Courier talking about how online training can help you and your dog!

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